Will you just do it?

What will it take you to just do it? Just do what you might be asking? Just read through the Bible in 2023! I believe that every Christians ought to read through the Bible at least once in their faith journey (actually I believe we should commit to reading through our Bible every year). Reading your Bible daily keeps God's word front and center, and we all know how important it is to do this. So, will you do it?

On January 1st - I read Genesis 1-2 and Psalm 1 (Creation)
On January 2nd - I read Genesis 3-5 and Psalm 2 (Fall, murder, and families)
Today, January 3rd - I read Genesis 6-9 and Psalm 3 (Noah, Ark, and the Flood)

No one will twist you arm to get you to read through the Bible. In reality because you call yourself a Christian (Christ-follower) you should have a desire to want to read through the Bible. Are you aware that it only takes 90 hours to read through the entire Bible? You can do it - I believe in you!

Take the 2023 New Year's Challenge and pick up your Bible each and every day and read the required passages, so, that when December 31, 2023 arrives you will be able to confidently say, "Hey, I did it! I've read through my Bible in 2023.

Then, you will be able to ask others, "Will you just do it?"

Take these simple steps to get you started:

1. Purchase a Bible that you can actually understand. I use the NKJV, but the ESV is great too.
2. Decide a time every day that works best for you. Keep the date with God and His word.
3. A place free from distractions also is important - find that place today.
4. Read what is required from your Bible reading schedule, or the YouVersion Bible App, which you can download to your smart phone.
5. Share what you are reading with others. Post a verse from your reading on social media. This is a great way to get the word out.

Will you just do it?

Pastor Kim

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