Oh, Give Thanks to the LORD

Psalm 136 and Thanksgiving

   Twenty-six verses, that's it. In twenty-six verses the Psalmist shows us how to give thanks to the LORD (God, Jehovah). Do you want to learn how to give thanks to God, then why not follow the example set forth in Psalm 136. Here is the list of what the Psalmist gives thanks to God for. There is a lesson here for each one of us.

                                                               The List of Thanksgiving

1. He is good - v. 1
2. He is the God of gods - v. 2
3. He is Lord of lords - v. 3
4. He does great wonders - v. 4
5. His wisdom made the heavens - v. 5
6. He laid out the earth, above the waters - v. 6
7. He made the great lights - v. 7
8. He made the sun to rule by day - v. 8
9. He made the moon to rule by night - v. 9
10. He struck Egypt's firstborn - v. 10
11. He brought Israel out from among them - v. 11
12. He used His strong hand - v. 12
13. He divided the Red Sea in two - v. 13
14. He made Israel to pass through - v. 14
15. He overthrew Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea - v. 15
16. He led His people through the wilderness - v. 16
17. He struck down great Kings - v. 17
18. He slew famous Kings - v. 18-20
19. He gave their land as a heritage - v. 21-22
20. He remembered us in our lowly state - v. 23
21. He rescued us from our enemies - v. 24
22. He gives food to all flesh - v. 25

   The Psalmist begins with, repeats, and concludes in every verse the following words, "For His mercy endures forever–"  

   In verse 26 we read, 
 "Oh, give thanks to the God of heaven! For His mercy ensures forever –"

   What will we give thanks to God for, for  this Thanksgiving Season? Look back at the list above and pick out some of the items that you can relate to. Such as, God's goodness, or His great wonders, or how about the fact that God provided us with a wonderful creation. Yes, now is the time to give thanks to God. Don't wait until tomorrow, give thanks today. Why you ask? Because, His mercy endures forever.

Because of Jesus Christ,
Pastor Kim

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