Our Story

How it all started in 1978...

Spirit Lake Baptist Mission had its beginning in 1978. Brother George Scantlin, Pastor of Post Falls Baptist Church, and an evangelist from Missouri, were out sightseeing and saw the sign of the Missouri Mule Café. They were sure that the owner would be a Baptist. They contacted Maggie Poland, the owner of the café, and she expressed an interest in having a Baptist Church in the town. They started having Bible study in the café after closing time. They had Bible study there for several weeks, but they would have lots of interruptions from the men on the street.
Marie and Carl Alger had bought the present church building from the Seventh Day Adventist and had been using it for an antique store. They had sold the building to Howard Dunklee of California, and Marie contacted him to see if he would let the group use the building. After much persuasion, he agreed to let them use it, rent free, providing that they would take care of the upkeep. So, George and Betty Scantlin along with Carl and Marie Alger packed up the antiques and the building became the meeting place for Spirit Lake Baptist Mission. He sold the building to us this past summer, and it is now debt free.

Through the 80's...

George and Betty Scantlin and members from Post Falls came on Sunday afternoons for services for a period of time.
Steve Blanchard of Texas became Pastor for a while and was followed by John and Betty Panther. The next Pastor was Steve Reno. Problems arose and Post Falls withdrew sponsorship from the mission. Steve Reno resigned in August 1983.
Arnold Kenny was saved and baptized in 1982, and he served as one of the supply preachers until August 1984, at which time he became the interim Pastor. He served in this capacity until April 1987. First Baptist Church of Rathdrum (now New Beginnings Baptist Church) withdrew their sponsorship of the mission, and Pines Baptist Church (now Valleypoint Church) assumed being the sponsor in April 1987, at which time Lloyd Garrison arrived on the field from Sandpoint Baptist Chapel. Lloyd served as Pastor from 1987 to December 1993.

Through the 90's... up to the Present

In 1993 through a unique encounter that one of our member’s had at a local laundry mat, we were introduced to our present Pastor and his wife – Kim and Debbie Alexander. Pastor Kim was asked to preach on December 14, 1993, and eventually was asked to serve as interim Pastor six months later. He agreed, and after another six months the members of Spirit Lake Baptist Mission (now Spirit Lake Baptist Church) extended a call to him to become their full-time Pastor. Together as a Pastor and people, we have seen many wonderful blessings from God. The Lord has done exceedingly abundantly above all that we could think or ask.
We praise the Lord for His blessings to us and for the dedication of the members that we have today.

Come and be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 8:30 am and 11 am for Worship.
Praying for the Salvation of our city and beyond...