Young Earth Creationism - We believe God created the heavens and the earth.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”         (Genesis 1:1)
SLBC believes that God created the earth in 6 literal days (not millions of years), and that our work week is based on Genesis 1-2. Below you will find some websites where you can read hundreds of articles that have been developed by Christian Scientists. Trust that God will lead you believing that an All Powerful God can and did create the earth in 6 days! Click on the logos and you’ll be on your way:
As a church we will not compromise the Gospel, and we will not cave into the pressure of society seeking to conform us into its image. We were CREATED by God, and everything around us was created by the Word of His mouth. Our God spoke the world into existence – it all starts in Genesis 1, and it concludes in Revelation 22.
All Scripture is God-breathed. (II Tim. 3:16)

For information about creation see the Answers in Genesis button below. You will find all kinds of insightful articles that will guide you in your understanding of a young earth.