Additional Items to give Thanks for

What are some additional items for which you and I can thank God for? Well, let's first start with a Scripture verse. Today our verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:18,

"in everything give thanks; for thesis the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

We all go through so many things in life, and not all of them are good things. I have a hip that is hurting today, and I don't think I am supposed to give thanks for a hurting hip. However, I am to give thanks that even in the midst of the hurting hip God will see me through the pain.

Last night my granddaughter was taken to the hospital. I am not to give thanks that her small body needed to be looked at, but I am to give thanks that no matter what happens in her little life that God has not forsaken her mother, father, or even her grandparents. God will minister his grace and presence even in this type of situation.

So, what will you give thanks for today? Not actually for the trouble, but for the one (God) who will carry us through the trouble.

Lord, thank you for showing up in my life, even when my hip hurts, or my granddaughter is taken to the hospital.

Remember, God is Good all the time,
Pastor Kim 

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